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Glossary of Trade & Shipping Terms - C:
C&E Customs and Excise - British Department for Tariffs and Customs
C&F Cost and Freight - Goods are to be sold on the basis that the seller arranges their seaborne transportation and delivery to the buyer
C.I.S. Confederation of Independent States (former Soviet Union - see also FSU)
C/O/H Cuba / Orinoco / Haiti
CA Central America
CAACE Comit des Associations d'Armateurs de la Communaut Europenne (Brussels) - organization for shipping companies from the EU
CABA Containing Air Breathing Apparatus
CABAF Currency And Bunker Adjustment Factor
Cabotage Coastal trade, i.e. the movement of goods by ship between ports on the same coast or between ports within the same country
CACM Central American Common Market
CAD Cash Against Documents
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CAJEA Council of All Japanese Exporters' Association
Camber The arching of the deck upward measured at the centerline in inches per foot beam
CAP Condition Assessment Programme - inspection of a vessel to determine its technical condition
Capesize Vessel which is too large to navigate the Suez Canal to and from the Arabian Gulf, therefore being forced to voyage around the Cape of Good Hope - approximately 80,000 - 175,000 dwt
Caping Routing a vessel around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Capital intensive tonnage Vessel demanding relatively large capital investments, e.g. cruiseships, gas- and chemical tankers, etc
CARIBS Caribbean Sea
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CAS Collision Avoidance System - Electronic system commonly used to prevent collisions in USA inland navigable waterways
Casing Pipe with thick walls placed in the drill hole and cemented in place. Prevents the hole from caving in
CASO Council of American- flag Ship Operators (eight liner companies which left the AIMS)
Catwalk A raised bridge running fore and aft from the Midship House, also called "walkway". It affords safe passage over the pipe lines and other deck obstructions
Cave-in The walls of the drill hole disintegrating and filling up the hole
CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (tariff agreement) - CBA for Filipino seamen between AMOSUP and ASO is an example. The term is used for any kind of tariff agreement, both for NIS-ships and foreign flagged ships
CBFS Carbon Black Feed Stock
CBM Conventional Buoy Mooring
CBR Commodity Box Rate
CBT Clean Ballast Tanks
CCA Chemical Carriers Association
CCAF Comite des Armateurs de France - the French shipowners' association
CCC Customs Co-operation Council - forum for international cooperation between customs authorities, attempting to create harmony and uniformity of approach
CCGD8 Commander Coast Guard District Eight
CCR Cargo Control Room
CCS China Classification Society
CCW Clean Coastal Waters (Long Beach CA cooperative)
CD Customary Dispatch; Chart Datum - a water level calculated on the lowest tide that can conceivably occur, and used as a basis for chart measurements. Such low tide is known also as the Lowest Astronomic Tide (LAT), and presupposes that at the very worst, there would always be that depth of available water at that particular spot
CDS Chemical Data Sheet
CE Conseil de l'Europe (Strasbourg)
CEC Certificate of Equivalent Competency
CEFOR Maritime insurers central association
Cellar Deck The level beneath Rotary Table on a rig. On a jack-up this means the well-head and BOP. On a floating rig, it is the deck from which the guidelines are controlled. May also have a Marine Riser
CEMT Conference Europeenne des Ministres des Transports - OECD-affiliated organization for dealing with transportation problems on rails, roads and inland waterways
CEN European Standardization Organization
CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation
CENSA Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners' Associations (London)
CENSA Council of European and Japanese (Nipponese) National Shipowners' Association
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (U.S.)
CES Customs Exam Station(U.S. Customs designation for office granting import licence on USDA approved cargoes)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations (U.S.)
CFS Container Freight Station ; Cubic Feet per Second
CFT (CuFt) Cubic Feet
CGT Colliery Guarantee Terms - the ship is to be loaded in accordance with the terms of the colliery (coal mine) guarantee, which is a contract between the colliery and the charterers - occasionally between the colliery and the ship owner - describing applicable laytime, excepted periods, holiday and demurrage
Charterer Cargo owner or another person/company who hires a ship
Chartering To hire a ship to carry goods/cargo
Chartering agent Shipbroker acting on behalf of charterer in negotiations leading to the chartering of a ship
Charter-Party (C/P) Contract for the hire of a ship or space in a ship ; Transport contract between shipowner and shipper of goods
Chemical tanker Special tanker built for the transportation of bulk chemicals. Newer tonnage is equipped with stainless steel tanks. Ships may carry many different cargoes simultaneously, because each tank has its own pump and pipeline system for loading and unloading
CHOPT Charterer's Option - May refer, for example, to Charterer's option to discharge at a number of ports - e.g.: "up to three ports Taiwan, in Charterer's Option". Or perhaps relative to a cargo size margin - e.g.: "10,000 tonnes, 5 per cent more or less chopt". (See MOLCO)
CIC Clean Island Council (Hawaiian cooperative)
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight. Designates that the cargo is carried free of charge for the buyer; seller pays all transportation costs
CIFC Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
CIFFO Cost, Insurance and Freight, Free Out
CIMA Channel Industries Mutual Aid Association
CIP Calling-In-Point
CIRCAC Cook Inlet Regional Citizen's Advisory Council
CIS Commonwealth of Independant States
CISPRI Cook Inlet Spill Prevention, Inc. (Alaskan cooperative)
Civil Liability Convention CLC - see Oil spill compensation
CKD Completely Knocked Down - Said of cargo, normally of cars, shipped in pieces and cased, to be assembled at destination
Classification society Organization which carries out surveys of newbuildings and at regular intervals when in commission, sets and maintains quality standards for ships and their equipment. Acts on behalf of the flag state's maritime authorities
CLC Civil Liability Convention of 1969
CLINGAGE The residue that adheres to the inner surface and structure of a container, such as a tank after having been emptied
CLS Closed Loading System
CMI Comite Maritime International - the international association for maritime law
COA Contract of Affreightment - quantity contract: An agreement between shipowner and shipper concerning the freight of a defined amount of cargo. The shipowner chooses ship
Coating Paint (corrosion protection)
COE Corps Of Engineers
COFFERDAM The narrow, empty space between two adjacent watertight or oil-tight compartments. This space is designed to isolate the two compartments from each other and/or provide additional buoyancy. It prevents any liquid contents of one compartment from entering the other in the event of a bulkhead failure. In oil tankers, cargo spaces are usually isolated from the rest of the ship by cofferdams fitted at both ends of the tank body
COFR Certificate of Financial Responsibility - regarding the transport of oil to USA. Vessels must have a certificate guaranteeing the payment of up to USD 1,500 per dwt. in case of oil spills
COFR Certificate Of Financial Responsibility
COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (USA)
Collar A thick piece of pipe closest to the bit
Combination carrier Ships for the transportation of both liquid and dry bulkcargoes. There are two main types: Ore carriers and bulk-tank-ships
Commission Shipbroker's remuneration, normally 1.25 per cent of gross freight. Calculated also for sales and purchases of vessels at one per cent of purchase price
Commission Shipbroker's fee - often 1,25% of the gross freight rate. In the case of a purchase/sale, often 1% of the purchase sum
Completion Making the hole ready for production
Conductor Pipe Casing with large diametre - normally the first first lining or guide pipe fitted during the drilling operation
Container vessel Ship specially designed to carry standard containers (TEUs). Generally called Cellular container ship. The larger part of the cargo-carrying capacity consists of containers carried on deck or in cells in the hold. Containers are lifted on and off with special cranes and are then called lift on-lift off-ships (see special entry). Container ships are generally fast, operating regular sailing schedules (lines)
Contract of Affreightment, c.o.a. Contract for the hire of a ship. The shipowner undertakes the transport of certain amounts of goods for one or several voyages
COP Custom Of The Port - cargo to be loaded or discharged as per custom of the port. Thus no specific rate of cargo handling would be entered in the contract, the owner relying on the vagaries of local practices and customs. Presumably he will ask for a higher freight rate to protect him against possible delays
COR Certificate Of Registry
COTCTFC Charterer's Option To Complete To Full Cargo
COTP Captain Of The Port (U.S. Coast Guard)
COTTON CLUB informal forum for Western European and Japanese shipping attachÃces in Washington. COTTON CLUB - informal forum for Western European and Japanese shipping attachÃces in Washington
COW Crude Oil Washing - a method of cleaning tanks using oil from the vessel's cargo. COW is normally used when a tanker is discharging. Oil is taken from the tanks and pumped through a special line to fixed or semi-fixed tank washing machines where it is sprayed against all inside surfaces of the tank. This procedure removes any cargo which is "clinging" to the surfaces of the tank
CPP Clean Petroleum Products
CQD Customary Quick Dispatch - the vessel is to be loaded or discharged as quickly as is customary and possible - se CD
CR China Corporation Register (Taiwan) - Taiwanese Skip Classification Agency
Crane and Construction Vessel/Unit Normally a ship, a barge or a semisubmersible, equipped for the construction and maintenance of fixed installations. May sometimes offer accommodation. Other services offered are: Storage facilities, the supply of water, compressed air and electricity, office space, communications center, helicopter landing pad, etc..
CRC Clean River Cooperative (Portland OR - Columbia River)
CRD Current Rate Discharge (see Current Rate)
CRISTAL Contract Regarding a Supplement to Tanker Liability for Oil Pollution - a voluntary system established by oil companies in order to "plug" holes in IMO-conventions concerning the financial settlement of claims in connection with oil spills. The oil companies' supplemet to TOVALOP
CRISTAL Contract Regarding an Interim Supplement to Tanker Liability for Oil Pollution
CRL Current Rate Load (see Current Rate)
Cross Trade The freight of cargoes between foreign ports. Nearly 95 per cent of the Norwegian-owned tonnage is cross-trading
CRS Croatian Register of Shipping (Hravatski Registar Brodova) - Croatian Ship Classification Society
Crude (oil) Unrefined oil directly from the well
Cruise ship Passenger vessel carrying passengers on trips between various ports, normally with the same starting and ending port. Standards of accommodation and recreation normally high
CSC Container Safety Convention - convention for the promotion of safer containers
CSD Closed Shelter Deck Ship
CSG Consultative Shipping Group - forum for the discussion of shipping policy on Government level. Fourteen West-European participants and Japan
CSM Closed System Measurement
CST Centistrokes - Measure of the viscosity of oils such as fuel oils. The greater the number of centistrokes, the higher the viscosity of a grade of oil
CSWR Chamber of Shipping War Risks, CP clauses
CTAC Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee
CTL Constructive Total Loss - loss or damage to goods or to a ship which is such that the cost of repair or recovery would exceed their value when repaired or recovered
Cubic Capacity The most important commercial measurement when the cargo is so lightweight that the ship is filled to capacity without being loaded to the load line (free board). Capacity is measured in cubic meters or cubic feet (cu.ft.)
Current Rate A Term whereby the ship owner contracts to pay the current rate costs of loading and/or discharge
CVS Consecutive Voyages - a series of consecutive voyages, usually laden from Port A to Port B, returning in ballast condition, and so on until completion of final cargo discharge
CWD Colliery Working Days - a laytime term describing normal working days of a colliery (coal mine), including those in a strike or other actions
CY Container Yard
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