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Transocean has well established experience in handling all types of cargo shipping for different sectors & different industries ...
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Transocean represents one of the leading global ISO Tank operators in the world; Hoyer Global Transport (HGT) ...
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Flexitanks offer a safe alternative to carrying bulk liquid non-hazardous chemicals and foods. There are significant volume savings per consignment when compared to intermediate bulk containers (15%) and drums (40%).
The flexitank used by Transocean and produced by HGT is the Sealiner, manufactured by Powertex Inc in Houston, Texas. After extensive research into all the flexitanks available in the market, Hoyer Global Transport decided Powertex was the partner that matched our strict quality and safety considerations.
Placed in a food grade 20' heavy tested box container, supported by a polystyrene and metal bulkhead, the Sealiner flexitank is available in various sizes from 14 to 24 cubic metres. This ensures the capacity is always maximised depending on the specific gravity of the customers' product. The product can be loaded or discharged through a bottom or top valve, which comes in a 2" or 3" version. It is also possible to have a 4" fitted if required.
Flexitanks offer a safe alternative to carrying bulk liquid non-hazardous ...
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