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Transocean Forwarding & Commerce is one of Egypt's leading privately-owned freight forwarding companies, founded in 1978.
We offer a diverse range of options and global flexibility by collaborating with specialty, scheduled, and charter carriers.

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With over 45 years of experience managing ocean and air cargo, Transocean is committed to upholding international standards, evident by our membership in FIATA and EIFFA. Since 1992.

Transocean has been recognized as Hoyer Global Transport's official agent for ISO tank and Flexitank operation.

Hoyer owns approximately 38,000 tank containers, 2,600 road tankers, over 50,000 intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and 2,200 vehicles globally. Hoyer prioritizes safety and quality in every sector while linking regions and people together. With agents in over 115 countries, Hoyer provides logistical solutions and individually tailored services to customers all over the world. Hoyer provides tank container leasing in addition to transportation.


When it comes to transporting liquid products, there is no one right tank container for all requirements.
In addition to standardized tank containers, Hoyer provides the customers with a large number of custom-made products and special equipment to best suit their needs.
Some areas of application are:
Innovative insulation techniques for heat and cold insulation
Intelligent and environmentally friendly heating systems
Pump equipment and lined tank containers
Reefer tank container with integrated cooling and heating technology
Tank containers with newly developed heating systems
Baffle tanks with baffles for transport
Titanium and Alloy tank containers
Swap body tank container

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ISO Tanks

Hoyers place the highest priority on safety and quality in every sector, and this is particularly important for the equipment we use.

Flexi Tanks

Flexitanks are the most convenient way to transport non-hazardous commodities in bulk, such as chemicals and food.

Ocean Freight

Capitalizing on our well-established network with worldwide shipping lines and our expertise in the field, we provide our customers with fully integrated services to meet their demands.

Project Cargo

Project cargo refers to transporting and managing oversized, heavy, and specialized shipments for complex projects such as construction, energy, or industrial development that require careful planning and execution

Road Logistics and Customs Clearance

Transocean provides a wide range of road transport services in Egypt, including regular cargo and specialty trucks services, to meet your inland transportation needs.

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