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Welcome to Transocean, your trusted partner for road logistics and customs clearance services in Egypt. We understand the importance of efficient and reliable transportation solutions for cargo, whether regular shipments or specialized goods.

Project cargo refers to the transportation and management of oversized, heavy, and specialized shipments for complex projects such as construction, energy, or industrial development that require careful planning and execution.

Project cargo requires meticulous coordination and expertise owing to its unique challenges, such as route planning, permits, specialized handling, and compliance with safety regulations. Our project cargo specialists use their knowledge and experience to provide customized solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of these high-value and time-sensitive shipments to project sites worldwide. Additionally, their expertise in logistics, risk management, and project management enables them to handle the complexities associated with project cargo, thereby contributing to the successful execution of large-scale projects.


Road Transport Services

In Transocean, we offer a comprehensive range of road transport services to cater to inland transportation needs. Our fleet of well-maintained trucks, including regular cargo and specialty trucks, ensures that diverse cargo types can be handled with precision and care. Whether transportation is required for small packages, bulk shipments, or oversized goods, we have the expertise and resources to deliver cargo safely and timely.

Our road logistics team is highly experienced and committed to providing tailored solutions that satisfy specific requirements. We meticulously plan the best routes by considering factors such as distance, road conditions, and specific regulations or restrictions. By optimizing our transportation processes, we aim to minimize transit time and maximize the cost-effectiveness of our clients.

Custom-clearance services
Navigating complex customs procedures and regulations is a challenging task. This is why Transocean is used here to simplify the process. We have extensive experience in handling customs clearance for both sea and air transportation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free clearance for shipments.


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