Flexi Tanks

Flexi Tanks

Flexitanks are innovative and cost-effective alternatives for transporting non-hazardous liquids in bulk. These flexible containers are designed to fit within the standard 20-foot shipping containers, maximizing the available space and allowing for efficient transportation. Flexitanks can hold a significant volume of liquid, typically ranging from 16,000 L to 24,000 liters, depending on the specific model and requirements.

Flexitanks Advantages
Cost-effective: Flexitanks eliminates the need for traditional drums or IBC packaging, significantly reducing packaging costs. Additionally, their lightweight design allows for increased cargo capacity, optimized transport efficiency, and reduced overall shipping expenses.
Versatility: Flexitanks are suitable for a wide range of non-hazardous liquids, including food-grade products, beverages, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. They are compatible with various liquids, ensuring the safe transportation of different products.
Easy Installation: Flexitanks can be quickly installed in standard shipping containers, minimizing the loading and unloading times. This efficient process ensures smooth and seamless logistics operations.
Safety and Quality: Transocean shipping companies adhere to stringent safety protocols and quality control measures to ensure cargo integrity throughout transportation. The team of experts ensured that the flexitanks were properly installed, sealed, and secured.
Environmental Benefits: Flexitanks are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging. They produce less waste than drums or IBC containers, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Transocean Flexitank Services

At Transocean Shipping Company, we offer comprehensive services to meet your flexitank transportation needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing customized solutions that align with the specific requirements.
Our services include:

Flexitank Sourcing: We work closely with trusted manufacturers and suppliers to source high-quality flexitanks that meet international safety standards and regulations.

Installation and Loading: Our skilled professionals ensure the proper installation of flexitanks in shipping containers. We handled the loading process efficiently, ensuring safe and secure transportation of liquid cargo.

Transportation and logistics: Transocean shipping companies possess a global network of partners and agents, enabling us to offer reliable and efficient transportation services to destinations worldwide. We coordinated all aspects of the logistics process, including customs clearance and documentation, to ensure a smooth transit experience.

Monitoring and Support: Throughout the transportation journey, our team closely monitors the progress of the cargo, providing real-time updates and support. We prioritize effective communication and can always address any concerns or queries you may have.


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