ISO Tanks

ISO Tanks

ISO tanks, also known as intermodal tanks or tank containers, are specialized containers designed for the transportation of bulk liquids, gases, and powder. These tanks were built to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, ensuring their compatibility with various modes of transportation, such as ships, trains, and trucks.

As the official agent for ISO tank operations of Hoyer Global Transport, Transocean plays a crucial role in facilitating the safe and efficient movement of goods globally. Hoyer, a leading logistics company, boasts an extensive fleet of approximately 38,000 tank containers, 2,600 road tankers, over 50,000 intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and 2,200 vehicles worldwide. This vast infrastructure enables Hoyer to provide comprehensive logistical solutions to customers worldwide.


One of the key strengths of Hoyer is its unwavering commitment to safety and quality in all aspects of its operation. The company adheres to stringent safety standards and implements rigorous quality control measures to ensure that the goods transported in its tank containers reach their destination without compromising integrity or quality.

Hoyer is well-equipped to connect different regions and people with a strong network of agents spanning over 115 countries, effectively bridging the gap between supply and demand. The company's global presence and local expertise allow it to offer individually tailored services to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

In addition to transportation services, Hoyer provides tank container leasing options. This allows businesses to optimize their logistics operations by accessing a flexible and cost-effective solution for their bulk liquid transportation needs. By leveraging Hoyer's extensive fleet and expertise, businesses can focus on their core operations while relying on a trusted partner for tank container requirements.

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